Planning and analytics platform for K-12 schools

Develop a cohesive, standards-aligned map for curriculum and instruction, and receive actionable real-time assessment data, to support success at all stages throughout a student’s academic journey.

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  • “Chalk allows teachers to provide seamless instruction and ensure coverage across all the state requirements.”

    Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent
    Susquehanna Township School District

  • “The level of support from Chalk makes all the difference in the world. That's when you know you're in it together as partners.”

    Mike Juhas, Superintedent
    Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

  • “That ability to have all your resources in one location really impacts the students’ learning and downtime is truly lessened.”

    Carmel Fantelli, Social Studies Teacher
    Gilmour Academy

  • “With each part of implementation, we see more success and engagement. It had a positive impact on our community and parents.”

    Robin Finley, Technology Specialist
    Alma School District

Chalk integrates your curriculum and instruction

Here’s how it works

An Integrated Planning and Analytics Platform

Chalk provides a single system to ensure that your curriculum, instruction, and assessment are integrated with one another and tied back to the relevant standards. By creating an integrated system, you can use data-driven insights to understand what is working well, what isn’t, and why, and help teachers make the necessary adjustments to close gaps and ensure student success.

Cohesive Curriculum and Instruction Success

A student’s academic journey is an ongoing process as they move from grade to grade and educator to educator. Chalk helps you to ensure uninterrupted academic progress for your students by making it possible to seamlessly map curriculum from grades K-12, eliminate gaps in instruction, and ensure a successful transition between grade levels.

Alignment from K through 12

All elements of the academic system are aligned to the standards within a grade level and from grade-to-grade. Teachers are aligned with one another to plan and deliver consistent instruction. Districts are empowered to improve teaching and learning across all schools and give each student an equal opportunity to succeed.

Real-time Insights to Make Meaningful Adjustments

Insights are provided in real-time, so you can pinpoint not only what didn’t work, but also understand what isn’t working right now, and what won’t work in the future. You can make quick and informed decisions about your curriculum and instruction so that you can give all students the opportunity to succeed.

Let the Results Speak for Themselves

Make strategic decisions, provide relevant feedback, and identify a student’s learning progression in real-time with Chalk’s planning and analytics platform. Whether it’s increasing student achievement, district collaboration, or teacher tenure, Chalk is here to support you. Leverage our experience and avoid common pitfalls. Your dedicated implementation specialist will walk you through the 3Cs of Successful Implementation.

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