Finally. An Integrated Academic System.

Gain real-time academic insights with Chalk’s integrated curriculum map management, instructional planning, and formative assessment solutions.

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“Chalk allows teachers to provide seamless instruction and ensure coverage across all the state requirements.”

Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent
Susquehanna Township School District

Chalk integrates your entire academic flow

Here’s how it works

True change starts with your teams

Encourage a culture of collaboration and innovation in your district to improve student achievement. As a team create, manage, and analyze your entire academic flow from curriculum to instruction to assessment on Chalk’s Integrated Academic System (IAS).

Create a guaranteed viable curriculum

Build a living and breathing digital curriculum that guides daily instruction and assessment. Ensure transparency, mutual accountability, and both horizontal and vertical alignment in your school.

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Foster collaboration in instructional practices

Get candid snapshots of what’s happening in each classroom in your district. Provide feedback and resources to support teacher tenure. See an overview of curriculum alignment, planning, and assessment at a glance.

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Utilize authentic formative & summative assessment

Shift from traditional evaluation to true assessment. Support learning growth through standards-based grading, formative assessment, and summative assessment. Ensure standards-alignment throughout students’ learning to increase success.

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Let the results speak for themselves

Make strategic decisions, provide relevant feedback, and identify a student’s learning progression in real-time with Chalk’s connected academic platform. Whether it’s increasing student achievement, district collaboration, or teacher tenure, Chalk is here to support you. Leverage our experience and avoid common pitfalls. Your dedicated implementation specialist will walk you through the 3Cs of Successful Implementation.

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