Giving every child an equal opportunity to participate in the future

Empowering educators

Our Reasons for Chalk

Why: To give every child an equal opportunity to participate in the future.

Educational attainment has a clear effect on future income and life expectancy but the current model of education has not allowed children to realize their potential. This means the opportunity to fully participate in the future remains out of reach for many. Equal opportunity in education means that the system shouldn’t hold you back or leave you behind. It shouldn’t rely on rote memorization to teach fundamental skills. Instead, the system needs to accommodate your needs to give you the best chance to succeed. A future where more people are given the chance to succeed and participate is a future where we are all better off.

How: By empowering educators.

A high-quality education is one that captures the imagination, engages the learner, and builds on skills instead of rote memorization. This kind of education cannot be automated nor mass produced; it must be nurtured by a professional dedicated to the needs of each student. Although there are many factors that affect student outcomes, the most direct and powerful are controlled by educators. Empowering teachers improves the system and is the key to bringing quality education to all, and to giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the future.

What: Through defining and living the values each one of us hold at Chalk.

Walk in the customer’s shoes

Being an educator is tough. It’s our job to make their lives easier. That means understanding their needs, frustrations, and challenges. It means delivering an experience that has the educator in mind from start to finish.

Pursue growth and learning

High performing teams need high performing people. High performing people are curious, always seeking to grow and develop. We want people who learn new things and take on new challenges, both in and outside of work.

Care personally, challenge directly

Great teams truly care for each other. But caring for others sometimes means having tough conversations. It’s important to tell people what they need to hear, even if it isn’t what they want to hear. That’s how we develop as people, and as a team.

Measure twice, cut once

We’re building for the long term. What we do today has consequences tomorrow. That’s not to say we won’t make mistakes or take risks. It means that we must be intentional in our actions.

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