Giving every child an equal opportunity to participate in the future

Enabling personalized education to maximize each child’s potential

Our Reasons for Chalk

Why: To give every child an equal opportunity to participate in the future.

The current model of education has not allowed children to realize their full potential. The opportunity to fully participate in the future remains out of reach for many. Equal opportunity in education means that the system shouldn’t hold you back or leave you behind. It shouldn’t rely on rote memorization to teach fundamental skills. Instead, the system needs to accommodate your needs to give you the best chance to succeed.

How: By enabling personalized education to maximize each child’s potential.

A high-quality education is one that captures the imagination, engages the learner, and builds on skills instead of rote memorization. This kind of education cannot be automated nor mass produced; it must be nurtured by a professional dedicated to the needs of each student. Personalized education is the key to bringing quality education to all, and to giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the future.

What: Through defining and living the values each one of us hold at Chalk.


Chalk is all about learning. It’s how we move ourselves forward. Learning serves the curious mind and allows us to innovate, to think differently and critically. Failure may be part of the journey, it’s also the best opportunity to learn.


Our work has far reaching, long lasting impact. With this comes a great sense of responsibility. Whether it’s building a product, working with student information, or working with each other, we have to be responsible for our actions.


We have to respect the educators that we serve. While our reach is far, we are only a part of a much greater ecosystem. That is the education system. Be humble. Serve and care for our customers and each other.


While the drive to achieve more pushes us forward, persistence gets us there. We have to keep going in the face of challenges. Persistence cannot exist without resourceful and creative approaches.

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