Authentic Assessment for Your School

Shift from outdated evaluation to true real-time assessment. Support learning growth for students with standards-based grading, online assessments and transparency with parents through student ePortfolios that capture both formative and summative assessments.

Foster Growth with Flexibility

Trace assessment results directly back to the date of instruction and unit plan. Give your school the flexibility to make course corrective decisions based on how individual students and entire classes are performing.

Standards Performance Tracking

Standards-based assessment capabilities to gauge individual and class performance.

Real-Time Feedback

Quickly understand learning progress with auto-graded online polls, quizzes and micro assessments.

Go from arbitrary grades to insightful assessments.

“Aggregate data is so important. And that’s a feature that is inside of Chalk that we have not had in anything else.

We’re tying the standards to it. We’re tying our lesson plans to it. We’re tying the curriculum mapping to it.”

Robin Finley, Technology Specialist
Alma School District

Our students are not one dimensional so why are you still evaluating them only with grades?

Connected at All Levels

Provide parents with timely and relevant updates on their student’s education. Facilitate real-time communication through interactive conversations and share with them a secure student portfolio showcasing historical evidence of learning. Create a united community for each student dedicated to their success.

Student Learning Portfolios

Individual student timeline of assessments, multimedia, and observations to show ongoing progress and feedback.


Ensure awareness and engagement with both students and guardians through announcements and interactive conversations.

Proactive Education

Formulate informed action plans based on class or individual student performance. Equip yourself, and your team, to implement proactive academic intervention with the insights from online-assessment, analytics and Chalk’s connected platform.

Flexible Platform

One-stop-shop for all information with a smooth SIS integration.

Formative Assessment

Use a wide variety of classroom assessment techniques to open up social and academic intervention awareness, provide actionable feedback and timely observations for a complete record of student progress..