Intelligence from Your Assessments

Shift from traditional evaluation to true assessment. Support learning growth through standards-based grading, formative assessment, and summative assessment.

Foster Growth with Flexibility

Drill down into an individual student's results or class results to determine how effectively they are learning. Give your school the flexibility to employ and analyze new learning methods and defy what you thought was possible for your students’ success.

Connected at All Levels

Provide parents with timely and relevant updates on their student’s education. Share with them a secure student portfolio showcasing historical evidence of learning. Create a united community for each student dedicated to their success.


Proactive Education

Formulate informed action plans based on class or individual student performance. Equip yourself, and your team, with Chalk’s intelligence to truly answer the tough questions:

Am I able to identify, in real-time, exactly which areas of a curriculum students are struggling with and take corrective action?
What common trends in behaviour might be impacting a student's potential for success?
Based on learning progression, is project-based learning or competency-based learning more appropriate for a class? Do current assessment methodologies support these learning styles?

Built for


Standard-Based Grading

Ensure curriculum alignment and demonstrate student learning progression.


Include images and videos into assessments for detailed feedback.

Student E-Portfolios

Timeline of student assessments show ongoing progress and feedback.

SIS Integration

Connect Chalk data with your school database.

Bank-Level Security

Chalk is SSL secure and maintains account integrity.

24-Hour Email Support

You can expect a quick response time on support inquiries.

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