Classroom Attendance

The fastest way to start your class.

Chalk Attendance makes taking roll the easiest part of your day. Always synced with Chalk, you can quickly mark absentees and get straight into your lesson.

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One Step Check

Record attendance in seconds.

Chalk Attendance marks students present by default, so you only need to tick absentees. Add pre-loaded comments like sickness, vacation, or late for easy reference.

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Smart Attendance

Use the last student status.

An absent student can miss a whole day, but you only need to record it once. Chalk Attendance can set student presence based on their last recorded status.

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Never Leave Your Lesson

Access attendance from Planboard.

View and record class attendance directly from Planboard without leaving your lesson.

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School-Wide Attendance

View every student at a glance.

See attendance trends and analytics for your school with Chalk Admin. Pull up student lists with details on classes missed.

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