Classroom Attendance

Improve your teaching workflow with Smart Attendance

Chalk Attendance makes taking roll simple and convenient. Always synced with Chalk, you can get straight into your lesson with no delays. Best of all, it’s free for individual teachers.

One Step Check

Quickly track your students’ status.

With students marked present by default, you only need to tick absentees. Add pre-loaded attendance options or comments for quick reference.

Smart Attendance

Attach standard sets and monitor lesson progression

An absent student can miss a whole day, but you only need to record it once. Chalk Attendance can set student presence based on their last recorded status.


Never Leave Your Lesson

Take attendance right from Planboard

View and record class attendance directly from Planboard without ever leaving your lesson.

School-Wide Attendance Insights

Collect important data on every student with ease

See attendance trends and analytics for your school with Chalk Admin. View student lists full of valuable information, such as details on classes missed.

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