You want to change the world, but don’t feel like you’re doing that in your current role.

You’re tired of selling the latest widget to the same company that you’ve been selling widgets to for years. You’re a new business grad looking to make a difference.

You’ve found the right job posting.

Did you know that the vast majority of school districts don’t know whether or not each graduating student is leaving with the skills that they’ll need for the future?

Education is a massive industry with many big players. But nobody has brought along a solution to meet the needs of teachers and administrators together. Many education technology companies find themselves on one end of the spectrum – either administration level tools or free teacher apps. They struggle to provide both in a meaningful way.

We’ve figured it out.

Chalk is pushing the boundaries of student success to support educators in bringing personalized education to every student. We believe that everyone has the right to quality education and we’re working with schools and districts to bring their teaching methodologies into the 21st century.

We’re rapidly growing our sales team to help schools and districts across North America. We’re looking for an Education Advisor to spread our technology to new schools and districts.

As an Education Advisor, you will be the first point of contact for administrators. You will generate call appointments through prospecting and lead management in an effort to qualify and market our solutions to potential customers. You will book product demos with other Advisors for qualified leads and attend demo meetings as required. You will follow and optimize our well-defined sales process to ensure that our Advisors have enough information to create a compelling demo. You will also attend industry trade shows and events to find and qualify leads, and to ensure a current understanding of the market.

You will primarily be working with other Advisors on the sales team. You will also work closely with our marketing team to discover new opportunities and to create and edit information packages.

We’re looking for great sales skills, but more than that, we’re looking for consultants. We’ll need you to quickly and correctly analyze the situation and problems in prospective schools and districts. You will constantly be pulled in many directions at once and will need to effectively prioritize your tasks. Your performance will be evaluated based on the number of qualified leads that you generate and how many of these leads become new clients.

Ingrained in our culture at Chalk is the desire to be constantly improving, learning, and growing. As such, although your previous experience will definitely be considered, we’re looking for people who want, and are able, to grow into the role.

This job isn’t easy, but you will be making a difference. If you think that you’ve got what it takes, submit your application below, we’d love to hear from you!


- Research and contact prospective clients (via phone, email and social) to determine if you can help solve their problems
- Maintain level of activity necessary to reach assigned goals (40 outbound calls per/day)
- Coordinate with other Advisors to grow client base
- Partner with team members to develop and execute on territory plans

Sound like the job for you?

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