Our Culture

Our company culture is our most important asset. We asked our employees to describe our company culture, and these are the responses we got back.

Chalk is all about learning. We hire good people and make them great. A common trend among tech companies is that employees come to expect bizarre perks like water slides or hammocks in the work space. To me, this communicates the subconscious belief by the leaders that the work itself is mundane or unrewarding and requires distraction. At Chalk work, growth and ideas are valued. People work here to be apart of something special, a program that can change education and the world. The fact that we're actively nurtured to grow as professionals IS the perk and cannot be understated.

Chalk is all about self improvement, it's what really sets a part the company from being just a job. We legitimately care about growing people. It's so important to have that outlook as an education company, especially when our goal is to build life long learners even outside of school.

I also think that since the company cares so much about its employees' development it has a trickle down effect on our customers' experience with us. Happy employees care about the business and our customers and then everyone strives to make everything the best they possibly can.

"I love coming in to work everyday because I'm surrounded by friends on a common mission."

We have a lot of fun, goof around, make jokes, and get along. When it's time to work though, we are all hands on deck.

The Chalk team comes from a wide range of backgrounds and personal interests that creates a unique group of people who bring their own set of strengths and learning opportunities. Our transparent and open work environment means everyone gets to be heard with those unique perspectives.

"We have a lot of fun, make jokes, and get along. When it's time to work though, we are all hands on deck."

We value kindness and empathy, and recognize that everyone is intelligent and competent. We encourage and inspire continual learning in both our professional and personal lives, and are held accountable by our peers and superiors. This culture is developed by careful talent selection and acute attention to accountability.

Our culture here at Chalk is one of an open, candid environment where everyone is on equal footing and feels comfortable sharing ideas and taking ownership of ideas/projects that they present. It's refreshing to be able to hash things out in a sort of impromptu way involving everyone who is impacted by the decision.

In many ways you can describe Chalk culture as #startuplife. It's tossed around the office often, and as we grow I think we'll still embrace that. It represents in many ways how we approach situations and problems, with a spoon full of ambition, and the willingness to iterate and reiterate.

Since we're an education related company, we stand out pretty hard in the field. We're a group of smart and strategic people, who are passionate about pushing both education, and technology forward, which many education companies are not.

"We approach situations and problems with a spoon full of ambition, and the willingness to iterate and reiterate."

There is also a clear culture of self-improvement. As a fan of the Buffer Values, I really like that there is encouragement from the top down to 'make the company work for you' - meaning, if you need to have a break, or time away, go fly to some place and work remotely, you can do so. If you need to leave early because you're not feeling productive, it's okay to take off a little early. We're all geared towards the same end goals, and hitting our targets, but flexibility in the culture and environment allows it to become less of a job, and more of an enjoyable experience.

After working here, my general attitude changed, and my relationships with the people in my life became better. I'm now a happier person. I quickly realized that Chalk is not just a company. Chalk is a community, a family, and a culture of continuous improvement and growth, that fights to keep its unique company culture no matter what's going on.

"After working here, my general attitude changed, and my relationships with people in my life became better."

I never thought that I would say something corny like this about work but, I can't wait to get to work everyday. Chalk is more than just a business, it is a family. It is a team that openly and truly celebrate your successes, and help you grow from your failures. A place that encourages you to be the best you can be.

"At Chalk we place our full trust in one another, which allows for a great deal of freedom and flexibility that I've never heard of or experienced before."

From being able to work from home (a lot), to having a (sometimes very) flexible schedule, there is complete trust that you are the best person to decide how and when to get your work done.

We're always looking to learn more. Whether it is domain-specific knowledge related to our individual roles, information more general to the education space, or even just better understanding of what it means to be a teacher, we're always looking to learn more, improve, and get better at what we do.

At Chalk we are not just passive participants in our community - we are active leaders in it. From CTO meet-ups to Design Chats, we take the lead and set an example for others to follow, and strive to make everyone else around us better.

Everyone at Chalk is given the freedom to try new things and provided with the support that they need to be successful. We're not afraid to extend our job responsibilities, even into areas completely unrelated to our original role. In that way, everyone at Chalk has created a position that involves skills in areas that they excel in, even if completely different from roles at traditional companies or what they were hired to do in the first place.

There is an inherent level of trust that each person knows what they are doing, leading to limited management oversight. We're still very critical of each other's work, but will jump in and help each other improve rather than lecturing or blaming others. We drive each other to excel both in our professional and personal lives. Every single person at Chalk is incredibly intelligent and insanely good at their jobs. But we're also one of the most humble groups of people that I have ever met.

Chalk has a unique culture that comes from the many people who are a part of it. In this company people are encouraged to try new things and are not discouraged from failing. In many companies nowadays people are discouraged from innovating out of fear of failure which resulted in stagnation throughout many companies. This is not the case in Chalk where you are encouraged to take risks.

Chalk also allows people to express themselves. Employees are allowed to be themselves at work and are encouraged to interact with everyone at the company even if they never directly work together. Team events such as Friday lunches help with this atmosphere and really allow everyone to know what everyone else is working on and allows everyone to interact and joke around with each other. Overall, Chalk is the most inviting companies I have ever worked for where everyone is encouraged to be apart of the team!

"In this company people are encouraged to try new things and are not discouraged from failing."

The Chalk culture is inclusive, supportive, and trusting. I like the fact that the company gives you space and trust, in the sense that no ones is breathing down my back. But at the same time, I also love that everyone is genuinely interested and supportive in seeing you improve and be better at your craft. I really appreciate the fact that Chalk is flexible with my work style- for the most part, I can work from where and when I need to, as long as I'm able to do the best work I can, and on time. We joke about how we are a very frugal, no-frills company; despite the fact that we may not have the fancy amenities that other companies may have, I like how it keeps us humble and grounded. At the end of the day, I'm going to be much more proud to work for a company that makes kick-ass products rather than boasting about having an office foosball table or a snack bar.