Where Google Workspace for Education tools may have limitations, Chalk provides solutions. Not only does Chalk mirror all of the benefits of curriculum mapping and lesson planning with Google, Chalk’s tools also help resolve the difficulties educators experience when curriculum mapping or lesson planning with Google.

Why choose Chalk over Google?

Dedicated curriculum and lesson planning platform

Since Chalk is designed specifically with educators in mind, the tools give teachers and administrators everything they need to build and manage unified curriculum maps that integrate directly to daily lesson planning. Chalk is intuitive, simple, and easy-to use. Designed for the modern era, teachers appreciate the simplicity and how easy it is to adopt.

Chalk’s solution is a fully integrated system. Data-driven insights help you understand what is working, what isn’t, and why, and help teachers make the necessary adjustments to ensure student success. Teachers can align curriculum content into lesson plans, bringing cohesiveness across grades and subjects. Version history allows educators to keep track of who’s worked on which unit and see the changes, with the ability to go back in history and see how maps have progressed over time. Chalk is also an organizational upgrade from Google. It’s easy to find exactly what you need, whether it’s for your curriculum map, unit plans, or lesson plans.

Standards alignment

Whereas Google has no built-in feature to align your course material with the learning standards you need to achieve, Chalk helps organize, track, and deliver standards in the classroom. Create curriculum comparisons and enable focused discussions to understand what teachers are teaching in every grade.

With over 16,000 standard sets embedded in Chalk, including Common Core standards, all official State Standards for core subject areas, CTE standards, you’re able to assign the individual or sets of standards necessary for each unit in a curriculum map or subjects. Once standards have been added to your curriculum map, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of all of the standard sets you have added in order to track that all intended material is being covered.

Curriculum analytics

Designed to pull deep insights to the surface, Chalk’s curriculum analytics help you track how standards are being planned, taught, and assessed. You can generate standards based performance reports and make informed decisions using data and analytics in Chalk, which teachers and administrators would not be able to fulfill with Google.

Comparisons and tracking

Chalk provides the ability to see your curriculum at a bird’s eye view with a colourful pacing guide. With the map comparison view, teachers and administrators can easily conduct vertical alignment.


Chalk employs bank grade security and industry best practices to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Chalk takes security seriously and makes every effort to protect the data stored.

Live Support

Have questions? Chalk has answers. Every Chalk user has access to complimentary support through our online chat system or email. Talk with a Chalk Expert instantaneously and get the answers you need in a timely manner. Whether something went wrong or you want to learn how to use the latest feature, Chalk’s dedicated support team is here to help.

Easy integrations with the Google apps you love

Already have a system in place using Google Classroom, Drive or Calendar? Curriculum mapping or lesson planning with Chalk doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use the Google apps you’re already using. As an official Google for Education Partner, Chalk integrates seamlessly with these great apps to give you the best curriculum mapping and lesson planning experience:

Google Classroom

This is an incredible tool for teachers as a learning management system, and the integration is an especially useful time-saver if you have already created classes in Google Classroom. Setting up your semester in Chalk is as easy as linking your Google account with Chalk, then importing your classes into Chalk as subjects.

If you already have your lessons in Chalk, you can also share them to an existing Google Classroom. Users have full control over how it’s shared and who it’s shared with, including options to share a single lesson, a day’s worth of lessons, or a week’s worth of lessons for all or specifically selected subjects. Any saved changes you make to your original lessons in Chalk will be viewable by your students in your Google Classroom.

Google Drive

Attaching files, such as images, videos, links or other support documents, is a great way to enhance your curriculum maps or lesson plans. Already have files saved in Google Drive? Users can attach almost any file type to curriculum maps or lessons, whether they upload directly from a computer or link an existing Google Drive account to access files there.

Google Calendar

Once you’ve built your timetable in Chalk, you can easily export it to an existing Google Calendar. With the ability to see your scheduled classes alongside your personal daily calendars, managing your class schedule has never been easier. You’ll also have quick access to your scheduled lesson right from your Google Calendar.

Bonus: Schoology

Even though Schoology is not created by Google, it is a powerful learning management system that many schools use. Chalk is an official PowerSchool Partner and this integration allows users to share lesson plans directly to Schoology or import subjects from Schoology into Chalk.

Take your curriculum mapping and lesson planning to the next level

Whether you’re new to the world of curriculum mapping and lesson planning or you’ve been using Google for curriculum mapping and lesson planning for a while and are looking for a better solution, Chalk is here to help!

Chalk’s curriculum mapping and lesson planning solutions can help identify gaps in your curriculum, ensure vertical and horizontal alignment for your curriculum, and standardize your lesson planning practice. Book a demo today to see exactly how Chalk compares to Google!


Congratulations! You now have a basic understanding of how Google can support curriculum mapping and lesson planning.

Whether you decide to use Google or Chalk for your curriculum mapping or lesson planning needs, this guide will provide a great reference for what to look for in a tool to provide the best foundation for you to lay out your curriculum maps or lesson plans. Curriculum mapping and lesson planning is an ongoing process, and one that relies on collaboration between educators, sharing resources, and flow of information.

Choosing the right solution for you, your school, or your district is not a simple decision and your needs may change over time. Curriculum mapping and lesson planning can be an intimidating process, especially when you’re just starting. However, it is worth the work and the benefits certainly speak for themselves!

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