Curriculum Management for Your School

Build a unified and digital curriculum in Chalk’s platform that guides daily instruction. Ensure transparency, mutual accountability, and alignment across your school.

School and District Alignment

Embed curriculum solution into a teacher’s daily instruction using Chalk’s platform. Create organized unit plans in a centralized and collaborative way. Ensure alignment with a standard set in your curriculum design across buildings and classrooms.

Digital Curriculum Maps

Create units of instruction with default and custom map templates.

Standards Alignment Tracking

Confirm if all standards are assigned to a curriculum map.

Align your curriculum and unit plans to learning standards.

“When we get our data from the state assessment, we can see how our numbers correspond to what we taught throughout the school year. That really is the power of having Chalk.”

Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent
Susquehanna Township School District

Collaborative Curriculum

Choose the resources that are right for your students and school to store in Chalk’s platform. Create a flexible curriculum through collaboration in place of purchasing rigid curriculum content. Customize to teaching methodologies, standard sets, and assessment strategies.

Hear how Jasper School District is using Chalk to collaborate across 3 counties.

Deep Insights for Your School’s Curriculum

Go beyond dashboards. See how teacher instruction and student learning are progressing through specific academic standards. Pinpoint exact areas in a curriculum that are effective, and those that are not. Enable continuous improvement and daily course correction.

Accreditation and Review

Embrace accreditation and reviews knowing your curriculum management process and analysis are in one central location. Ensure accountability and transparency in development and instruction. Export, submit, and archive anything you need.

Easily Accessible Materials

Allow school or district-wide resources to be leveraged, modified, and collaborated on in real time.

Flexible Platform

Consolidate all standards-aligned resources in accordance with your academic requirements.