Intelligence for Your Curriculum

Build a living and breathing digital curriculum that guides daily instruction. Ensure transparency, mutual accountability, and both horizontal and vertical alignment in your school.

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

Build a living and breathing digital curriculum that is actually used in the school, not one that is sitting on a shelf. Embed Chalk’s curriculum solution into a teacher’s daily instruction and enable direct horizontal alignment. Create organized unit plans to guide classroom instruction in a centralized collaborative way. Review vertical alignment between each curriculum document with ease. Ensure alignment to standards throughout your curriculum design.

Accreditation and Review

Embrace the accreditation and review process knowing your curriculum management process and analysis is in one central location. Ensure accountability and transparency in development and instruction. Access all curriculum and lesson documents on the web as well as mobile devices. Export, submit, and archive anything you need.

Open Education Resources (OER)

Tap into the world of OER multimedia content to use in your curriculum. Save money and create flexible curriculum instead of purchasing rigid curriculum content. Customize to teaching methodologies, standard sets, and assessment strategies.

Deep Intelligence for Your Curriculum

Go beyond dashboards. See how teacher instruction and student learning are progressing through the curriculum in real time. Pinpoint exact areas in a curriculum that requires feedback. Empower continuous improvement and daily course correction.

Built for

Digital Curriculum Maps

Create units of instruction with default and custom map templates.

Alignment Tracking

Check whether all standards have been assigned to the curriculum map.

Lesson Planning

Send unit content to teacher planners to be instantly added into instructiional plans.

Google Drive Integration

Attach files and resources from Google Drive for additional guidance.

iOS & Android Planboard App

Give teachers the power to have their lessons with them anywhere.

24-Hour Email Support

You can expect a quick response time on support inquiries.

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