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Our 3Cs of Successful Implementation

Implementation, Support, and Training

At Chalk, ease of use is one of our top priorities. From our user-friendly apps, to features like unlimited customizable curriculum templates, we aim to empower educators with our technology. We also understand that implementing technology is no small task. To this end Chalk offers two levels of service packages to best suit your project’s needs.


Our Standard Service Level is designed for those with a turn-key project in mind who can get up and running with minimal requirements. It’s designed to provide basic support, with offerings that are robust enough to ensure every user can achieve success with Chalk. The following is included with every Chalk account.


Our Premium Service Level is recommended for those who may need customization or robust rollout requirements with their project. The Customer Success team will work hand-in-hand with you and your team to guide your project throughout the year, as well as provide any changes or recommendations that might be needed. In addition to everything that is included with the Standard Service Level, the following is available to every Chalk Premium account.

  • In-App Live Chat
    • Our live chat is available from any page within Chalk and can be accessed Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm ET.
    • You are guaranteed a live agent within these hours and all of our live chat is handled in-house by Chalk team members.
  • Priority Email Support
    • Email inquiries are directed through
    • We guarantee a 24hr response time through our support emails
  • In-App Training Tutorials
    • As a Chalk user you have access to on-demand webinar and training videos that are pre-loaded and relevant to the solution you are using
  • Knowledge Base and How-To Guides
    • In addition to our long-form on-demand webinars, we also provide a knowledge base with articles, pictures, and how-to guides for every solution
  • User Management
    • You can count on us to help out with any user management above and beyond your admin capabilities like switching account ownership, email address migrations, deactivation/deletion, etc.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
    • The CSM that led your initial launch and training will continue to work with you throughout the year to provide guidance and personally handle any questions or requirements that come up
    • Your team is also entitled to additional support and input from other Chalk CSMs if needed
  • Ongoing Virtual Training Support
    • Depending on your project rollout and timeline, additional training and support may be required
    • With your Premium Service level, training does not end with what is included in your initial launch
    • Your CSM will work with you to determine the best course of action to ensure your team receives the level of training they need
    • Virtual training can include additional live webinars, custom recorded tutorials, or even short video clips designed with your goals in mind
  • Ongoing Project Management & Coaching
    • On-demand access to emails, calls, webinar meetings, etc. as needed to support your project’s implementation and success throughout the year
    • Your CSM will be able to provide examples from similar projects, and make recommendations based on best practices
  • Standards Uploading
    • Chalk maintains a massive database of standards both public and private, as well as many faith based and global examples
    • If you need a set that is missing, or you’d like to upload a customized set specific to your school into Chalk, your CSM can work with you to suit your needs
  • Custom Data Export
    • Many of our clients enjoy the ability to analyze their own data, separate from the features available within Chalk
    • If your institution has the need to export curriculum maps, usage data, standards coverage, etc., our team can work with you to create a custom data export

Additional Services

If your project requires some specialty services that don’t fall into the standard/premium categories, we’re here to accommodate your needs. Some of the more popular additional services include the following:

  • In-Person Solution Training
  • Curriculum Map Migration & Data Entry
  • Custom Video Tutorials
  • Analytics & Data Services

If you need any of these additional services – or have another more specific request – please contact us! We’re here to help.

Trusted by public districts, independent schools, and charter networks

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“When we get our data from the state assessment, we can see how our numbers correspond to what we taught throughout the school year. That really is the power of having Chalk.”

Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent

Susquehanna Township School District

Chalk helps superintendents answer the what and how behind the scores by surfacing insights from their curriculum and instruction.

“With each part of implementation, we see more success and engagement. We have so much positive feedback from our parents. It had a positive impact on our community and parents.”

Robin Finley, Technology Specialist

Alma School District

Chalk helps technology leadership by working together on the implementation process piece by piece.

“The use of software like Chalk allows us to stay in touch. It allows us to collaborate. It allows us to do things as a district, rather than as just isolated little components.”

Dr. William Morelan, Curriculum Coordinator

Jasper School District

Chalk helps curriculum teams to centralize unit content and encourage standard alignment.

“That ability to have all your resources in one location and not have to search really impacts the students’ learning and that downtime is truly lessened.”

Carmel Fantelli, Social Studies Teacher

Gilmour Academy

Chalk helps teachers save time and get organized on lesson planning while encouraging collaboration and PLCs.

“We knew that we needed a framework for teachers to use that was consistent across grade levels and subject areas that would align to the standards.”

Stephanie Bechtol, Assistant Principal

Trinity Catholic School

Chalk helps principals provide feedback on daily instruction to create a positive teaching culture.