Implementation You Can Trust

We can help you achieve your goals. Leverage our experience and avoid common pitfalls. Your dedicated implementation specialist will walk you through the 3Cs of Successful Implementation.

Our 3Cs of Successful Implementation


Together, we will define what success means to you at the start of our partnership. With this, we will outline a detailed timeline of deliverables for both parties to assure accountability.


Timely and transparent communication will ensure mutual accountability when it comes to meeting key milestones on your road to success.


From our team to yours, we will work diligently towards a common goal. Your success means everything to us; we will always be here to help you.

“When we get our data from the state assessment, we can see how our numbers correspond to what we taught throughout the school year. That really is the power of having Chalk.”

Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent
Susquehanna Township School District

Chalk helps superintendents answer the what and how behind the scores by surfacing insights directly from the classroom.

“With each part of implementation, we see more success and engagement. We have so much positive feedback from our parents. It had a positive impact on our community and parents.”

Robin Finley, Technology Specialist
Alma School District

Chalk helps technology leadership by working together on the implementation process piece by piece.

“The use of software like Chalk allows us to stay in touch. It allows us to collaborate. It allows us to do things as a district,¬†rather than as just isolated little components”

Dr. William Morelan, Curriculum Coordinator
Jasper School District

Chalk helps curriculum leadership to centralize unit content and plans to document effective pieces and encourage standard alignment.

“That ability to have all your resources in one location and not have to search really impacts the students’ learning and that downtime is truly lessened.”

Carmel Fantelli, Instructor in Social Studies
Gilmour Academy

Chalk helps teachers save time and get organized while encouraging collaboration and PLCs for teachers.

“We knew that we needed a framework for teachers to use that was consistent across grade levels and subject areas that would align to the standards.”

Stephanie Bechtol, Assistant Principal
Trinity Catholic School

Chalk helps principals provide feedback on daily instruction to create a positive teaching culture.

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