Impactful Instruction for Your School

Get candid snapshots of each classroom’s daily instruction in your school right at your fingertips. See an overview of curriculum alignment, planning, and assessment at a glance. Engage in two-way communication for daily PD and to foster internal PLCs.

Standardize Your Planning Practice

Improve equity across schools by providing teachers with the resources they need to succeed. Align daily instruction and lesson planning to standards sets and to a curriculum without stifling creativity. Keep a pulse on every classroom to make data-driven decisions. Improve new teacher onboarding with a centralized curriculum and standards-aligned resources.

Enhanced Communication

Review and be a part of daily lesson plans to keep everyone in your school on track with your school’s academic goals. Create open communication amongst all levels of your school. Save your time by observing fewer classes in-person and eliminate disruptions to classes.

Two-Way Communication

Open communication between you and your teachers. Leave feedback and receive questions back with one click.

Standards Alignment Tracking

Stay informed of pacing and sequencing of instruction in an individual classroom or school-wide with standards tracking.

Gather insights to deliver the right coaching for your staff

Continuous Professional Development

Ensure teacher efficacy through the sharing of best practices and creation of a collaborative culture. Provide resources proven to be effective within your school and with your students. Encourage growth in your instructional staff through refined and relevant approaches as they learn from one another.

Effective & Accessible Materials

Standards-aligned lesson plans and curriculum documents centrally stored for simple importing.

Flexible Platform

Support various instructional styles while working towards academic goals.

Collaborative Workflow

Empower teachers to collaborate and learn from one another. Create groups within your school for relevant and timely sharing of effective standards-aligned resources. Break down silos to enable the natural transfer of knowledge and continual curriculum and instruction improvement. Eliminate redundancy and allow teachers to spend time engaging in real instruction.

Even more great features to organize your team

  • Share & import lesson plans
  • Leave instructional feedback
  • 2-way communication on lesson plans
  • Insight into how your teachers are planning
  • Set team-wide lesson plan templates
  • Schedule team-wide off days

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“We knew that we needed a framework for teachers to use that was consistent across grade levels and subject areas that would align to the standards.”

Stephanie Bechtol, Assistant Principal
Trinity Catholic School