Instructional Intelligence

Get candid snapshots of each classroom in your school right at your fingertips. See an overview of curriculum alignment, planning, and assessment at a glance.

Mutual Accountability

Review and inform daily lesson plans to keep everyone in your school on the same track while allowing communication between all levels. Save your time and eliminate disruptions to classes.

Continuous Professional Development

Give actionable feedback to new teachers for faster onboarding. Encourage growth in your instructional staff through refined and relevant feedback. See the benefits of lifelong learning passed on to students.

Standardize Your Planning Practice

Align the quality of academic practices across all levels of your school. Look into every classroom with the assurance that the best academic strategies are being put in place to cultivate every student’s success.

Collaborative Workflow

Empower teachers to collaborate and learn from one another. Ensure teachers are using the best resources available today to plan their lessons and improve students’ experiences. Break down silos to enable the natural transfer of knowledge. Fuel your school's growth with impactful content to stay ahead of the curve.

Built for

rapid developme

Robust Planner

Award winning web, iOS, and Android lesson planner.

Fresh Insights

Data is always updated in real time and beautifully displayed.

24-Hour Email Support

You can expect a quick response time on support inquiries.

Teacher Feedback

Give instructional feedback and teacher guidance.


Include images and videos into planner for diversity in instruction.

Instant PLC

Collaborate instantly with colleagues on lessons.

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