Our Mission

Supporting professionals in bringing personalized education to every student.

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We believe that everyone has the right to quality education. Public education has been one of the greatest inventions to give equal opportunities in their formative years. However, the current model of education has not allowed children to reach their full potential. Inequality remains the defining issue of the 21st century, despite huge advances in technology and economic growth. The opportunity to fully participate in the future remains out of the grasp of many.

Equal Opportunity in education means that the system should not hold back students or leave them behind. The education system needs to accommodate student needs to give them the best chance to succeed. A high quality education is one that captures the imagination, engages the learner, and builds on skills over rote memorization. This kind of education cannot be automated or mass produced; it must be personalized by a professional who understands the readiness, interests, and preferences of each learner.

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What we believe.

These eight tenets are the foundation of our beliefs at Chalk.


That the personalization of learning is the best way to give equal opportunity to all learners.


That learning is innately human and is best possible with human guidance.


That teaching is a profession, not just a job.


That teachers are seeking new strategies and tools to personalize education at large scale.


That technology can help teachers differentiate instruction.


That saving teachers' time allows them to spend more time with their students.


That teachers can help each other to personalize education through collaboration.


That data and analytics on student achievement help teachers to better meet their students' needs.

Our Promise

We understand that teaching and learning are deeply human undertakings, and we are prepared to support professionals in bringing a personalized education to every student. Personalized education is the key to bringing quality education to all, and to giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the future.