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Lesson planning and grading made easy

Planboard is a free online lesson planner and gradebook that is used by 500,000+ teachers.

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Streamline classroom with a digital planbook

Create lessons with a modern and intuitive editor. Add in files, photos, and videos to bring your lessons to life. Build lesson templates to cut prep time even further so you can get right into your instruction.

Track towards standards and monitor lesson progression

Connect with your standards with lessons. Planboard has US state standards, Canadian provincial standards, international standards, and more. Understand how curriculum is progressing for each class, and which standards have been covered.

Share your lessons with colleagues

Access incredible resources from your colleagues with only a few clicks. Share and import lessons right within your planner. Archive and PDF your lessons for offline sharing with ease.

Adjust to different rotation and off-days

Adjust your schedule and timetable on the fly. Planboard supports two-week, A/B, and cycles that align with your school schedule. Move, copy, and push lessons with a single click.

Share your lessons with students or publicly

Post your lessons to Google Classroom to keep students engaged. Planboard integrates directly with Google Classroom. Share your a day or a week’s worth of lessons with your unique link.

Full gradebook at your fingertips

Assess with a gradebook that features both summative and formative assessments. Planboard embraces various forms of assessment including criteria base, anecdotal, conference notes, and learning skills so you get a clear and complete view of demonstrated learning. Customize your gradebook with weights, categories, and more.

Record learning progression with digital student portfolios

Reduce your clerical time with Planboard’s comprehensive student learning progress reports. Go beyond numbers and capture pictures, voice, or video snippets for a student’s portfolio.

Bring standards-based grading into your assessments

Track standards to assessments to record mastery and competency. Know how often and when the curriculum is assessed to better monitor student growth. Differentiate instruction based on classroom mastery.

View and edit your lessons anywhere on iOS and Android

Easily find time for classroom prep using your smartphone or tablet.
Always synced with Chalk, you can maintain your lessons on any device.

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Join 500,000 teachers worldwide to plan for the future

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Planboard Frequently Asked Questions

Am I limited to file size and number of lesson plans?2021-06-13T02:29:16-04:00

Nope, plan to your heart’s content! Planboard has no limits on the number of lessons you plan nor the number or size of files.

Why Planboard over other alternatives?2021-06-13T02:29:46-04:00

Experience the more modern approach to your planbook and gradebook with full iOS and Android capabilities. Get your questions answered fast through our live chat or email support. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

Is Planboard free? Are there any hidden fees?2021-11-17T11:16:58-05:00

Planboard, a digital planbook and gradebook, is free for individual teachers. Plan your lessons, attach standards, and manage files all according to your school’s rotation! Our helpful guides, live chat, and email support are also included for free as well! There are no strings attached. Planboard is created by Chalk, an education technology company serving millions of students. You can learn more about us here.

What is Chalk Gold?2021-11-17T11:17:32-05:00

While Planboard is a comprehensive and free planning tool, we do offer an optional premium service. Chalk Gold helps you better personalize your planner and share it with others. Create a Classroom website, share your plans and assessments to Google Classroom, add so much more. Learn more about Chalk Gold here.

Do you offer a school account?2021-11-17T11:18:06-05:00

We do offer school accounts! Our school version simplifies lesson submission and review. We also provide customized professional development. If you’d like to get more information or a quote, set up a demo with our team.

Do you offer any support or training?2021-11-17T11:18:45-05:00

We want you to take advantage of Planboard fully. That’s why our helpful guides, live chat, and email support are also included for free with every account! For those that prefer a live training experience, we offer free webinars as well.

Does Planboard work on my phone/tablet?2021-11-17T11:19:31-05:00

Planboard is available on Apple iOS and Google Android. As the most highly rated lesson planner on both app stores, you can now plan on the go while keeping everything in sync.

Does Planboard have my standards?2021-11-17T11:20:05-05:00

Planboard keeps an up-to-date list of some of the most commonly used standards such as Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, TEKS, British Columbia, Ontario Curriculum, and more. Additionally, many teachers upload standards for others to use. You can also request standards to be uploaded through our support channel.

Does Planboard support my school’s rotation schedule?2021-11-17T11:20:53-05:00

Planboard has a comprehensive and powerful scheduling algorithm. We support many of the most common schedules (daily, A/B days, weekly), and allow for more customization on a day to day basis.

500,000 Teachers ❤️ Planboard

Just opened up @Planboard to check all my lessons are planned for the first week back.

Why do I bother...I know I am planned for the whole year 🤣

#WorkLifeBalance #backtoschool #lessonplanning

I'm now lesson planning with Planboard on my iPhone! Loving this app!! http://www.chalk.com/planboard via @Planboard @chalkdotcom #edtech #edchat #iphone

New feature in @Planboard! You can now view and edit your sticky notes from the Week View.

This was a user-requested feature. Let us know if there's a feature you'd love to have in Planboard!

(not spam, I honestly love planboard)
I plan my lessons for free, online using @planboard - it's a must for every educator out there! Check them out at http://chalk.com/planboard #edtech #lessonplans @chalkdotcom

I’m going to repeat this until my digital voice goes hoarse: I absolutely love @Planboard!! It’s the best lesson plan tool this teacher has used to date. If you’re not using it, you should! Part of the @chalkdotcom tools. Bravo to the @Planboard team.

Apps I used this week in class: @gimkit @Socrative @CengageLearning (textbook) @GoogleForEdu (all the tools), @edpuzzle @GoogleKeep @Screencastify - love iPad annotation feature in Google classroom app - oh and @chalkdotcom @Planboard #edtech #edtechchat What apps did you use? ❤️

I've just pre-planned a whole semester with Planboard! #edtech #edchat via @planboard @chalkdotcom

Ah, another year, another few hours planning all my lessons for next year with @Planboard!

Timetable done after 1 hour, now just to import my lessons and will be all planned up.

3 hours max I reckon. Love it!!

#worksmarter #edutwitter #teacherlife

I have planned my lessons for free, online using @planboard for 6 years and still love it! Check them out at #edtech #lessonplans @chalkdotcom

All of the resources from @EvolveEdTechAU's series on @chalkdotcom's @Planboard are now up on our new website: Check them out & start using @Planboard today. You'll love it (Planboard that is), trust us! #EvolveEdTech