Chalk Powers Intelligence in Your School

Make strategic decisions, provide relevant feedback, and identify a student’s learning progression in real-time with Chalk’s Advanced Student Learning Model.

Know What Your Students Need Tomorrow - Right Now

They are not just numbers sitting on a dashboard. Chalk surfaces actionable insights so you can see the “why." Unlock the potential with true analysis, not just pie charts and bar graphs. Make strategic decisions, provide relevant feedback, and identify a student’s learning progression in real-time. Know what is happening tomorrow by knowing what is happening now.

A Holistic Approach

Data-driven education requires a united front. Stakeholders at all levels - teachers, parents, and administrators - need to be connected and engaged while working together to help students meet their potential for success. Chalk democratizes relevant insights for each stakeholder, so everyone is on the same page. No one is left behind in the mission to empower and educate students.

Advanced Student Learning Model

Fuelling Chalk is a multidimensional student learning model. Traditional data points and real-time classroom insights merge to identify issues before they happen. Timely alerts are sent if anomalies are detected in your data. This advanced machine learning algorithm out calculates the human brain while learning from more than a billion data points on the fly. Chalk’s student learning model works around the clock, so you do not have to. Never miss a meaningful change in your school.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

What is technology without implementation? Not every institution will have a group of data scientists or dedicated committees to implement every new initiative. We understand that. That is why Chalk is not just software; it’s a fully managed solution from all angles. Chalk requires minimal administration and integrates with your existing infrastructure to provide actionable insights. From small, independent schools to large, national school networks, Chalk is behind the academic strategies influencing millions of students.



Analyze gaps in your curriculum and its delivery to improve student success.


Standardize the planning practice while providing valuable feedback.


Support learning growth through next generation teaching methodologies.


Collect, analyze, and act on big data to align to your improvement plan
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