Connect Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment for Deep Academic Insights

Make strategic decisions, provide relevant feedback, and identify a student’s learning progression in real-time with Chalk’s connected academic platform. Ensure standards-alignment throughout students’ learning to increase success. 

Data-driven education is possible. Connect the dots in academics.


Build a living and breathing digital curriculum that guides daily instruction. Ensure transparency, mutual accountability, and both horizontal and vertical alignment in your school.
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Get candid snapshots of each classroom in your schools. Provide feedback to support teacher tenure. See an overview of curriculum alignment, planning, and assessment at a glance.
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Shift from traditional evaluation to true assessment. Support learning growth through standards-based grading, formative assessment, and summative assessment.
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Know Today What Your Students Will Need Tomorrow

Chalk’s platform surfaces actionable insights so you can see the “why.” Unlock your students’ full potential with analytics that serve a purpose – not a laundry list of pie charts and bar graphs. Use Chalk to make strategic decisions about when and where to provide feedback to teachers and students. Identify students’ learning progression in real-time so you can anticipate support as needed, not when it is too late.

Digital Curriculum Maps

Create units of instruction with default and custom map templates that meet your students’ needs.

Standards Alignment Tracking

Easily confirm if all standards are assigned to unit and lesson plans.

Embed your standards-aligned curriculum into daily instruction to better understand assessment results.

“When we get our data from the state assessment, we can see how our numbers correspond to what we taught throughout the school year. That really is the power of having Chalk.”

Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent
Susquehanna Township School District

Collaborative Curriculum

Choose the resources that are right for your students and school to store in Chalk’s curriculum management, lesson planning, and assessment platform. Create a flexible curriculum through collaboration in place of purchasing rigid curriculum content. Customize to teaching methodologies, standard sets, and assessment strategies.

Hear how Jasper School District is using Chalk to collaborate across 3 counties.

Deep Insights for Your School’s Curriculum

Go beyond dashboards. See how teacher instruction and student learning are progressing through specific academic standards. Pinpoint exact areas in a curriculum that are effective, and those that are not. Enable continuous improvement and daily course correction.

Make Informed Decisions Using a Holistic Approach

Maximizing student success requires a united front. Stakeholders at all levels – teachers, guardians, and administrators – need to be connected and engaged. Chalk’s platform allows each stakeholder to see relevant insights into a student’s performance the proper resources and support can be provided. No one is left behind in the mission to empower and educate students.

Chalk Conversations

Connect guardians, students, and teachers in one location to enable two-way communication on student performance.

Two-Way Lesson Plan Feedback

Enable teachers and administrators to easily engage in a two-way dialogue on lesson plans and resource utilization.