How to affect positive cultural change through technology, professional development (PD), and professional learning communities (PLCs).

The purpose of this guide is: To help you better navigate change management at your school or district. This guide covers change management through the lens of introducing new technology for teachers. Within, you’ll learn how to select the right technology, what is effective professional development, and why professional learning communities are crucial for any school. Whether you’re part of a seasoned administrative team, a team with limited experience or even a district superintendent, this guide is for you.

Why is change management important?

For many people, change is scary. Yet, it’s necessary to evolve and move forward as classrooms, schools, and institutions. Managing change in technology adoption can be even more shocking if it’s not well planned. With the proper leadership and guidance, change can be inviting rather than daunting.

As change within education is the norm. Effective change that is coherent, thoughtful, and planned can bring great benefits to students and communities. It can also help enrich teachers as professionals and improve their performance. By working to align your existing resources, can also help align teachers, students, and administrators to fulfill a common purpose. This can overall help improve student performance within the school.

This guide will cover many aspects of technology selection and adoption as well as the professional development that goes with it. You’ll also explore Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and learn how to create them. They are one of the most powerful ways for teachers to share teaching strategies with each other. The fundamental characteristic of a PLC is that it encourages collaborative professional learning between members of your school or district’s community.

You’ll understand the importance of how technology can help professional development and PLCs to be transparent, collaborative, effective, and impactful. Learn more about how to adopt the best technology for your school, how to train your teachers on multi-tool platforms. Understand how to form a PLC, how to change the culture in your school, give effective feedback, and create an importance of trust.
This guide can help you answer some of these questions:

  1. What are Professional Learning Communities?
  2. How to implement Professional Learning Communities?
  3. Why are Professional Learning Communities important?
  4. How to build a Professional Learning Community at your school?
  5. How to effectively change the culture in your school?
  6. How to create an atmosphere of trust?
  7. Why is professional development important?
  8. What are professional development goals?
  9. How does professional development improve teaching?
  10. What professional development do teachers need?
  11. How to train your teachers on technology?
  12. How to give appropriate feedback to teachers?
  13. How to choose the right technology to adopt at your school?

Chapter OneCreating Professional Learning Communities

Table of Contents