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holiday chalk inspiration teacher
Inspiring the Next Generation of Educators
As 2017 draws to a close, many look to the new year as a fresh start. Still, wonderful though it can be, we know the holiday season can also be exhausting! With that in mind, Read More ▸
how are teachers evaluated
Understanding Teacher Evaluation: A Guide for Parents
It’s November, and that means, depending on where you live, parent-teacher interviews are fast approaching (if they haven’t happened already!). Read More ▸
how to increase private school enrolment
Encouraging Private School Enrollment through Innovation & Transparency
While there are many strategies for raising enrollment levels at private schools, one of the most effective tools is investing in existing students and their parents as representatives of the school. Read More ▸
understanding by design template chalk curriculum mapping
What Is Understanding by Design? (And Why Should Administrators Care?)
“Understanding by Design”—you may have heard this phrase before. Maybe it was even brought up in your professional development or used by one of your colleagues. But what does it actually mean? Read More ▸
Understanding Student Success in the Age of Information: Part 2
Understanding Student Success in the Age of Information: Part 2
Part Two: We live in an age of information. Tony Cui, Analytics Director, will show you how to embrace student data and improve education and success. Read More ▸
integrate personalized learning into the classroom
3 Tips for Integrating Personalized Learning in the Classroom
We all know that every student is unique and has their own individualized learning needs. In fact, research has suggested that taking a “personalized learning” approach can help better engage students and encourage them to Read More ▸