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Curriculum Development

  • a student holding a sign that says stop climate change

Is It Time to Address Climate Change in Your Curriculum?

December 8th, 2021|

School looked a little different for New Jersey students returning to their classrooms in September 2021. What changed? Climate change was now a mandatory part of the curriculum. Thanks to ...

  • illustration of three teachers examining the benefits of curriculum mapping

The Benefits of Curriculum Mapping

November 8th, 2021|

Are students actually learning what you’re teaching? How long does it really take to work through a unit of trigonometry? What knowledge and skills have students mastered, and what are ...

  • students with raised hands in a classroom to demonstrate answering essential questions from their teacher

What are Essential Questions? Explained by Experts

April 13th, 2021|

Essential questions help students engage with their existing knowledge base and draw new patterns between the ideas - there is no singular right answer. They help students move to higher-order ...