From enhancing sensory processing to positively directing the seemingly unlimited energy students have, music can be a handy tool to improve and inspire learning in the classroom. We have pulled together some classic tunes to keep your students (and you!) bopping away first thing in the morning before class starts or when you have set aside collaborative downtime for your learners. If you have not already made music a part of your teaching process, look no further, #ChalkJams is here.

How does it work?
The first ever Chalk classroom playlist has been created on Spotify*. If you are not already a user, it is quick and easy to get set up. We definitely recommend downloading the mobile app or desktop player – the links below will direct you there.

*Chalk has no affiliation with Spotify. We just think it is super easy to use and it just so happens to work well with Planboard!

Head to our Chalk profile and follow our profile and the Chalk Classroom Playlist to get started.

Can I link the Chalk Classroom Playlist to Planboard?
Yes! With a few clicks, this playlist can be embedded directly into the lesson you want to access it from. You will even be able to interact with the playlist directly from Planboard. Follow the steps below to get jammin’!

Step 1: Open the Chalk Classroom Playlist in the Spotify desktop player and click “Share”

chalk classroom playlist


Step 2: A small window will pop up with your sharing option. Copy the embed code by clicking </>

chalk classroom playlist


Step 3: Navigate to Planboard and select the day and subject you want to embed your playlist into. Double check you are in the Day View. This can be found at the top right of your screen


Step 4: 
Click the small camera icon to “Insert Video” and select the same icon you did in Spotify </>


Step 5: Paste the embed code into the box that appears in the above step

Step 6: 
Pick whatever song speaks to you and hit play! You can now interact with the playlist right from within your lesson plan


How can I send in requests?

Do you love this playlist and want to see more? Let us know! We have already been asked for playlists to suit quiet time, physical education courses, and dance classes. But we need your help to tell us what you and your students want to hear.

Follow us on Twitter and tweet us @chalkdotcom using #ChalkJams.

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