Curriculum Mapping with
Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs will walk you through what it takes to create, manage, and review curriculum maps throughout the year to maximize students’ potential for success.

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Are you moving beyond textbooks to OER and flexible content? Would you like to learn how to design quality unit maps and lesson plans? Join us in three free professional development sessions as we dive into practical and proven approaches to helping schools tackle all things curriculum.

Whether you’re part of a seasoned curriculum team, a team with limited experience, or even a district superintendent, this webinar series is for you.

This series of webinar workshops will highlight:

  • Claiming your purpose for curriculum mapping 
  • Designing Quality Unit Maps and Lesson Plans 
  • Sustaining and Growing the Map Review Process 

About Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs is founder and president of Curriculum Designers. Dr. Jacobs provides professional services to schools, organizations and agencies to create modern learning environments, upgrade curriculum and support teaching strategies to meet the needs of contemporary learners. Her models on curriculum mapping and curriculum design have been featured in numerous books and software solutions throughout the world. She has taught courses at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York City since 1981. Working with a wide range of organizations, Jacobs has consulted to the College Board, NBC Sunday Today Show, the Peace Corps, the Discovery Channel, Children’s Television Workshop, The Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, New York City Ballet Education, the International Baccalaureate, and state education departments. In 2014, Jacobs was presented the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Education by the Mediterranean Association for International Schools. The fundamental backbone of Jacobs’ experience comes from years as a teacher of high school, junior high school, and elementary children in Utah, Massachusetts, and New York.

Session #1 – Creating Purposeful Curriculum Maps

Learn how to:
✏️ Establish a Meaningful Purpose for Curriculum Mapping in Your School.
✏️ Define the Elements in a Curriculum Map/Unit Plan
✏️ Align Standards and Mission

Session #2 – Designing Quality Unit Maps with Teams

Learn how to:
✏️ Write Essential Questions
✏️ Layout Content and Skills in a Purposeful and Easy Way
✏️ Develop Formative and Summative Assessments

Session #3 – Conducting Curriculum Reviews

Learn how to:
✏️ Review Unused Curriculum Maps
✏️ Organize and Conduct Vertical Reviews for Gap Analysis
✏️ Growing a Living Breathing Modern Curriculum Map

Why Curriculum Map?

Increase in student achievement. Teachers who have a better understanding of the curriculum will be more flexible in their teaching methods. They will be able to ensure their students completely understand important concepts by structuring classes around the big picture.

Create a school’s identity or persona. Curriculum maps help to create a bridge between standards and lesson plans, by bringing new resources into the classroom. This has implications on every stakeholder within the school district community. New initiatives, such as STEM or design thinking, that districts take on can be referenced directly in the curricular units to provide evidence of the work.

Encourages collaboration. Curriculum maps encourage teachers to discuss best practices and share resources, improving the overall level of teaching across the school district. Parents benefit from structured curriculum maps in that they know the exact learning targets for their children. Students are given coherent curriculum throughout the class, with a constant flow of knowledge from term to term and year to year.

Build a common resource center. Being able to capture assessments, lesson plans, and best practices within one place can improve teachers instruction. Knowledge can be easily shared from a master teacher to a new teacher. Within a curriculum map, the outcome is a comprehensive resource pool that includes hyperlinks to resources in context.

Save money on textbooks. Schools can save money by creating their own curriculum maps rather than buying them from textbook publishers. This allows for more control over what is actually being taught at the school.

What is the Chalk curriculum and lesson planning software?

Simple and Easy to Use

Chalk is an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use curriculum and lesson planner. Designed for the modern era, teachers appreciate the simplicity and how easy it is to adopt.

Connect C & I

Go beyond just curriculum mapping. Chalk connects your curriculum directly to lesson planning. Teachers can plan their lessons with full access to the unit and curriculum.

Real-Time Collaboration

Curriculum is written and collaborated upon in teams. Chalk enables real-time collaboration when editing your curriculum and units so your teachers can co-edit and comment.

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