How to Create a Curriculum Map

Do you understand the value in a refined curriculum mapping process? Would you like to see your educators collaborating and using the most relevant content for your students? Then this free guide is for you! This guide will introduce you to the basics of curriculum mapping and how to organize your team to encourage data-driven, personalized education.

A curriculum map is not something you create once and then forget about. It is a living document continually used by teachers in daily lesson plans. It is a roadmap guiding educators and students through learning standards in a useful and innovative way. A curriculum map must grow and adapt to the learning environment.

Successfully creating a curriculum map requires you to take on the role of project manager, team builder, and writer. You will need to have a deep understanding of the relevant standards, but this will only increase students’ potential for success.

This guide will highlight:

  • Why you should adopt curriculum mapping
  • How to create a flexible curriculum map
  • How to organize your team