How to Introduce New Tech to Your Teachers

Do you believe educational technology complements student learning? Would you like to see your teachers and students engage in new and innovative ways with each other? Then this free guide is for you! This guide will take you through how to ensure your teachers are prepared to adopt new education technologies implemented at your school.

Technology in schools can be an effective way to cut down on classroom preparation time, streamline reporting, and engage students in an exciting way. However, if those using technology are not fully prepared to be doing so, it can take away from productivity and student success.

Being responsible for choosing educational technology and implementing it requires you to be a project manager, a coach, and a troubleshooter all in one. With this guide, you will be ready to manage the change that comes with new technology so your students can reap the benefits through increased success.

This guide will highlight:

  • How to select the right education technology
  • How to prepare effective and relevant professional development
  • How to encourage all of your teachers to adopt and use the tools chosen