Introduction to Formative Assessment

Do you want to guide your students to success through learning methods that are for them individually? Would your students benefit from frequent feedback and daily actionable insights? Then this free guide is for you! This guide will explore the basics of what it takes to put your traditional grading system to rest and begin assessing students individually on skill-level while learning is taking place – not months after a concept is taught.

Formative assessment provides students the opportunity to see their progress on a regular basis andgauge their individual learning progression. It provides the opportunity for questions to be addressed immediately through frequent and targeted feedback. Not only does this benefit students, it regularly informs the content that is useful in your school’s curriculum.

Whether your school is private or public, we know your goal is to provide the best opportunities for your students to be successful. If you are a K-12 administrator or educator, or even in higher education, this guide will have useful information relevant to you. Formative assessment is designed to develop lifelong learners and applies to all types of institutions.

This guide will highlight:

  • What formative assessment is
  • Basics of implementing a formative assessment strategy
  • Key components of assessment-related professional development
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