Teacher Spotlights are our way of highlighting and getting to know some awesome teachers in our community who use Planboard to simplify their lesson planning.

Meet Lyndsey!

Q: What is your favourite/most used feature in Planboard?

A: The ability to copy and shift lessons.

Q: How has Planboard made your life easier?

A: As an interventionist, things are constantly changing. Students may be absent or I may choose to push into the classroom that day instead. The ability to shift around lessons with ease has made planning so much more simpler for me.

Q: What education trend are you excited about?

A: Science of Reading! I love that we are getting back to a systematic approach based in phonics and phonemic awareness. No more guessing! I have seen such great gains in my students now that we are focusing on these skills across the Tiers.

Q: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

A: I honestly wanted to work in a zoo as an educator. Since one pathway to that would be a degree in education, it is what I chose to pursue. However, life landed me in an amazing school in the town I live in, so I became a teacher within a school. Always time to move closer to a zoo in retirement.

Q: What inspires you?

A: My students. I see them persevere everyday. They take each new challenge in stride. My coworkers also inspire me. They allow me to take chances and try new methods. They trust me to push in their classes and/or pull students out. We brainstorm, collaborate and just have a lot of fun working together. This collaboration inspires me to keep pushing myself.

Q: If you could take your students on any field trip, where would you go?

A: Honestly, any field trip would be amazing right now. It has been a few years but in early 2019 we organized a hay ride to a local farm. The students were able to pick pumpkins, pop popcorn and just have a fun day. I think the opportunity to connect to your students, teacher and classmates is really valuable. This time away from the classroom was helpful in facilitating that. Hopefully next fall we can get back to it!

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