Our team has been hard at work this spring making great updates to our Curriculum solution to serve you better! Read on for a quick recap of everything new or improved.

Curriculum Home and Activity History Feed*

The new Curriculum home page now includes quick links to your team’s recent work, a summary of all activity and updates on upcoming webinars and other Chalk resources.

Our new and improved activity feed allows you to keep track of what’s happening in Curriculum – including comments! Filter the activity feed by updates, comments or date range. Learn how to use this feature.

Curriculum home page in Chalk's Curriculum solution

Star Curriculum Maps and Comparisons*

Rather than searching through the full list of curriculum maps for your institution, you can now “star” or bookmark curriculum maps and map comparisons for quick access. This feature allows you to create a shortlist of maps that you frequently edit or access, conveniently found under the new Starred tab in Curriculum. Learn how to use this feature.

demonstration of how the Star feature works in Chalk's Curriculum solution

Centralized Space for Reports*

Chalk provides a number of ways for you to review your curriculum efforts in real-time. The new Reports tab provides convenient access to all of our Reporting & Analytics tools.

the Reports page in Chalk's Curriculum solution

ICYMI: Previously Added Features

Finding and using the standards you need is easier than ever! Search our extensive database of standards with filters to narrow your results by country, region, subject, grade and type.

the standards search window in Chalk

Copy Curriculum Maps*

When writing curriculum, a course may need to use a considerable amount of content from previously created courses. Rather than creating a new map and starting from scratch, you can create a copy of an existing map and edit, or build on the content, saving yourself time in the process. Learn how to use this feature.

the Copy Curriculum Maps feature in Chalk's Curriculum solution

Sticky Notes in Week View

Teachers can view and edit their daily sticky notes from the Week View in Planboard (they were previously only visible in Day/Month views). Teachers also have the ability to hide them in the planner’s sidebar.

sticky notes view in the Planboard week view in Chalk

Is there a feature you’d like to have? Shoot us an email at support@chalk.com to submit a feature request!

* = Paid feature in our Curriculum solution for schools and districts. Book a demo to see how Chalk can help your school or district.

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