Our team has been hard at work this fall making great updates to Planboard to serve you better! Read on for a quick recap of everything new or improved.

Day-by-Day Printing/PDFs

Printing or saving your daily lesson plans as a PDF? You can now print full page lessons for each day of the week! Learn how to use this feature.

screenshot of the Print/PDF feature in Planboard

Full Screen Lesson Edit Mode

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference! You are now able to edit your lesson plans in full screen, without the calendar sidebar. See below for a quick demonstration.

a short gif demonstrating how Planboard users can edit lesson plans in full screen edit mode

iPad Multitasking

Do you use the Planboard iPad app? When iPadOS 15 was released earlier this year, Apple included improvements to their multitasking feature. Planboard is now up-to-date and usable with their multitasking feature. This update makes it especially helpful to plan and search for resources side-by-side.

Access Schoology Course Content from Chalk*

If your school uses Schoology, we have great news! Teachers and administrators can now access relevant Schoology materials directly from their lesson planner or lesson feedback. Learn how to access your Schoology course content from Chalk.

ICYMI: Previously Added Features

Google Calendar Integration*

You can now export your timetable to an existing Google Calendar. You will be able to see your scheduled classes alongside your personal daily calendars, and have quick access to your scheduled lessons. Learn how to link your Google account with Chalk and export your schedule.

Sharing Your Semester’s Lesson Plans*

You now have the ability to generate a public link of their entire semester in Planboard that can be shared. Anyone with the public link will be able to see all lessons for classes with enabled visibility for all teaching weeks of the semester, as well as any saved changes made to the original lessons. Learn how to generate a public link to share.

Math Equation Editor*

The most-requested feature by teachers is now available in Planboard! Including math equations in your lessons can be valuable for comprehension and delivery for STEM-based subjects, but can be difficult to include through plain text. This feature allows you to insert math equations and formulas directly into their lessons through our lesson editor. Learn how to use this feature.

Is there a feature you’d like to have in Planboard? Shoot us an email at support@chalk.com to submit a feature request!

* = Paid feature. Learn more about Chalk Gold for teachers or book a demo to see how Chalk can help your school.

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