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Chalk Assessment provides teachers with modern gradebook and attendance tools that offer realtime data and analytics to administrators. It's the best way to give teachers the assessment flexibility they need, and students the critical feedback for success.

Flexible Assessment

Teachers choose from multiple formative and summative assessment styles including rubrics, checklists, and observations. Integrated standards and custom weightings mean students are graded exactly to the curriculum.

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Attendance in Seconds

Chalk automatically marks all students as present by default, meaning teachers can quickly mark just lates and absences. Attendance is integrated directly into teacher workflows for fast assessment and less time prepping during class time.

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Student Transparency

Assessment timelines clearly show student work and teacher feedback to offer important learning opportunities.

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Keep Parents in the Loop

Email notifications for parents to provide high-level progress updates with controlled information by the teacher.

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Standards-Based Grading

Ensure curriculum alignment and demonstrate student progress.

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Online and Mobile Attendance

Mark attendance wherever the class is. iOS and Android compatible.

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Include images and videos into assessments for detailed feedback.

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Student Profiles

Timeline of student assessments show ongoing progress and feedback.

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Parent Notifications

Send straightforward progress updates by email.

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SIS Integration

Connect Chalk data with your school database.

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Bank-Level Security

Chalk is SSL secure and maintains complete account integrity.

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Data Privacy

Information is never shared with third parties.

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24/7 Support

Admins and Teachers get 24/7 email support and daily live chat to help with any challenges.

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