Chalk Curriculum

Make curriculum the connection between teachers.

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Use straightforward curriculum map templates to improve standards alignment and encourage teacher collaboration.

Curriculum Mapping

Create organized unit plans to guide classroom instruction with detailed scope and sequence documents. Chalk customizes the maps to any curriculum expectations and standard sets.


Direct to Planning

Access curriculum content from the Chalk lesson planner with a click. Teachers plan their instruction with the curriculum at hand.

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Monitor Curriculum Progress

Track standards progression as they are taught in each lesson. Chalk clearly shows which standards have been taught, and how far along instruction is progressing through the curriculum.

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Chalk comes packed with the right curriculum development tools for teachers to organize their entire classroom.

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Digital Curriculum Maps

Quickly create units of instruction with default and custom map templates.

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Curriculum Standards

Align instructional units to state and local standards.

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Alignment Tracking

Check whether all standards have been assigned to the curriculum map.

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Permissions Control

Set who can view or edit curriculum maps.

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Lesson Planning

Send unit content to teacher planners to be instantly added into instructional plans.

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Include images and videos into templates for diverse instruction.

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Google Drive integration

Attach files and resources from Google Drive for additional guidance.

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PDF Export

Share documented curriculum maps by PDF or email.

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iOS Planboard App

Give teachers the power to have their lessons with them anywhere.

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24/7 Support

Teachers get 24/7 email support and daily live chat to help with any challenges.

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Speak with a knowledgeable Chalk expert.

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