An Integrated Platform for Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Build and manage a unified digital curriculum that guides daily lesson planning. Engage in remote two-way communication for daily professional development. Get ready for a hybrid delivery method in the new normal.

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Identify gaps in your curriculum and instruction

Go beyond dashboards with robust and visual curriculum analytics. See how teacher instruction and student learning are progressing through specific academic standards. Pinpoint exact areas in a curriculum that are effective, and those that are not. Enable continuous improvement in your curriculum plans through a reflective review process that centers around student based outcomes.

Chalk's Curriculum solution, Grade 3 Math example

School and District Alignment

Embed curriculum directly into a teacher’s daily instruction planning, using Chalk’s curriculum and lesson planner. Create organized unit plans in a centralized and collaborative way. Ensure alignment with multiple standards in your curriculum design across buildings and classrooms. Be able to personalize your classroom instruction for outcome based education.

Ensure vertical and horizontal alignment for your curriculum

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Chalk's Curriculum solution, vertical alignment example

Standardize Your Planning Practice

Improve equity across schools by providing teachers with the resources they need to succeed. Align daily instruction and lesson planning to standards sets and to a curriculum without stifling creativity. Keep a pulse on every classroom to make data-driven decisions. Improve new teacher onboarding with a centralized curriculum and standards-aligned resources.

week view in Planboard lesson planner

Start with the end in mind

Ensure everyone is on track with curriculum writing and pacing guide. Empower distributive leadership through a collaborative curriculum approach. Design personalized student experiences that directly guide student success.

Chalk's Curriculum solution, pacing guide example

Accreditation and Review

Embrace accreditation and reviews knowing your curriculum management process and analysis are in one central location. Ensure accountability and transparency in development and instruction. Export, submit, and archive anything you need.

Trusted by public districts, independent schools, and charter networks

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Even more great features for curriculum and instruction

Collaborative Workflow

Empower teachers to collaborate and learn from one another. Create groups within your school for relevant and timely sharing of effective standards-aligned resources. Break down silos to enable the natural transfer of knowledge and continual curriculum and instruction improvement. Eliminate redundancy and allow teachers to spend time engaging in real instruction.

Chalk's Instruction solution, resources example

Enhanced Communication

Review and be a part of daily lesson plans to keep everyone in your school on track with your school’s academic goals. Create open communication amongst all levels of your school. Save your time by observing fewer classes in-person and eliminate disruptions to classes.

Gather insights to deliver the right coaching for your staff

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Planboard Admin, lesson feedback example

Continuous Professional Development

Ensure teacher efficacy through the sharing of best practices and creation of a collaborative culture. Provide resources proven to be effective within your school and with your students. Encourage growth in your instructional staff through refined and relevant approaches as they learn from one another.

Why Curriculum Map?

Increase in student achievement. Teachers who have a better understanding of the curriculum will be more flexible in their teaching methods. They will be able to ensure their students completely understand important concepts by structuring classes around the big picture.

Create a school’s identity or persona. Curriculum maps help to create a bridge between standards and lesson plans, by bringing new resources into the classroom. This has implications on every stakeholder within the school district community. New initiatives, such as STEM or design thinking, that districts take on can be referenced directly in the curricular units to provide evidence of the work.

Encourages collaboration. Curriculum maps encourage teachers to discuss best practices and share resources, improving the overall level of teaching across the school district. Parents benefit from structured curriculum maps in that they know the exact learning targets for their children. Students are given coherent curriculum throughout the class, with a constant flow of knowledge from term to term and year to year.

Build a common resource center. Being able to capture assessments, lesson plans, and best practices within one place can improve teachers instruction. Knowledge can be easily shared from a master teacher to a new teacher. Within a curriculum map, the outcome is a comprehensive resource pool that includes hyperlinks to resources in context.

Save money on textbooks. Schools can save money by creating their own curriculum maps rather than buying them from textbook publishers. This allows for more control over what is actually being taught at the school

“We knew that we needed a framework for teachers to use that was consistent across grade levels and subject areas that would align to the standards.”

Stephanie Bechtol, Assistant Principal

Trinity Catholic School