Chalk Leadership Team

William Zhou

CEO, Co-Founder

William is the co-founder and CEO of Chalk. He has been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age, founding his first company in high school. He launched his first Internet business in 2010, which he sold at the age of 18 during his first year studying computer science at the University of Waterloo. To pursue the bigger challenge of changing education, he founded Chalk to create data-driven education. Forbes named William Top 30 Under 30 in Education.

Ryan Mckay-Fleming

COO, Co-Founder

Ryan is the co-founder and COO of Chalk. He studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo where he met William Zhou, CEO. Ryan has always had a passion for learning. He has many teachers in his family and is an avid reader. He has had a longtime interest in building high-tech organizations.

Suraj Srinivas

CSO, Co-Founder

Suraj is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Chalk. Suraj is passionate about creating value and commercializing new products. Since childhood, Suraj has been fascinated by the world of business and the process of making deals. An engineer by training, Suraj is most excited by the prospect of affecting change in complex systems. When he isn't working towards these goals or travelling, he spends his time restoring old motorcycles and working on oddball vehicles.

Laura Jonson

Marketing Director

Laura has a diverse background in marketing that she uses each day to serve Chalk’s mission of bringing personalized education to every student. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, she started her career in oil and gas marketing. She is proud to have a wide array of experiences in many industries, including the academic space, energy and resources, as well as non-profit. Her goal in this rapidly expanding digital world is to always maintain a human approach when working with customers in the online world.

Troy Cook

VP Sales

Troy began his career in Sales and since then has helped organizations grow and reach aggressive targets both as an Account Executive and Sales Leader. Most recently, Troy spent 7 years with Netchema (a PeopleAdmin Company), implementing a go to market strategy that helped the organization grow to over 5,000 School Districts across the United States. Troy is passionate about understanding the needs and goals of customers, then aligning solutions that create the greatest impact.

Doug Akers

VP Customer Experience

Doug enjoys discovering and identifying meaningful connections within and between people, ideas and actions to awaken possibility and unlock their potential. He has a rich history in product and customer experience management where his teams have excelled both personally and professionally. His strong focus on customer success allows him to break through the noise and focus himself and his team on what matters - solving customer’s problems and providing them with opportunity for movement and growth.