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At Chalk, we’re releasing new tools, features, and improvements weekly to make your experience better and better. Great tools, like great education, shouldn’t rest on its laurels. It should be growing and adapting to fit changing needs. The Chalk Family takes that to heart. Here is where you’ll find a record of the updates and improvements we’ve been making to the Chalk Suite you know and love.

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New This Week

Week of June 5, 2017

Featured Updates

Planboard iOS v2.12

A new version of Planboard is now available in the app store. You can now remove units from lessons!

Snappier CSV Uploads

CSV Uploads for teacher accounts is now much faster!

Speed Improvements to Markboard

Buckle up, Markboard just got faster!

Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue that prevented lesson preview images from showing
  • Fixed an issue with logins from Blackboard and D2L
  • Numerous security fixes
  • Enabled support for diacritic characters when sorting students
  • Allow multi-section support on CSV uploading

Week of May 22, 2017

Featured Updates

Admin Grading Scales

Admins can now create grading scales for Markboard and make them available to teachers. Like a template for your grading formula.

Semester Based Grading Scales

As a teacher you can now define grading scales for your semesters and subjects!

Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue where group level admins couldn't see lesson feedback
  • Fixed some issues with authentication
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some issues when resetting your password
  • Fixed a little bug that caused extra credit in Markboard to not be included in the PDF averages
  • Fixed an issue on Android which caused the week view to load incorrectly
  • Made improvements to Android day navigation

Week of May 15, 2017

Featured Updates

New Authentication System

You likely won't see any changes from this, but we've updated our authentication system to be more robust, secure and reliable

Under the Hood Improvements - Android

Updates to the editor, and some other improvements to make the Android Planboard experience better

Other Updates

  • Fixed a bug that prevented lesson group exports from not working
  • Fixed a bug that made the recaptcha sluggish
  • Fixed a bug that didn't redirect students to the proper page after logging in
  • Fixed a bug on Android that prevented unit decimal numbers from displaying properly
  • Fixed a bug on Android hid new line characters from displaying in the editor
  • Fixed a bug that was sending password update emails to the wrong email
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the 'prev' button from being clickable when importing lesson groups
  • Fixed various visual bugs in Markboard
  • Added the ability to display links in the Tutorials application

Week of May 8, 2017

Featured Updates

Various Security Enhancements

We now use CAPTCHA on the reset password page if Google detects that you're not a human, among other improvements

Other Updates

  • Fixed a bug with standards
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the single lesson share link to not work properly
  • We now send you an email confirming updates to your email and password
  • We added support team contact information into the Tutorials app (coming soon)

Week of May 1, 2017

Featured Updates

Preview Lesson Groups in Resources

Now when you're previewing a lesson group in resources, you can preview the individual lessons, and make edits directly to the lessons in resources. You can also now preview and edit your lesson groups as you share them from Planboard

Updated look to the Resources app

Nothing major, but we cleaned up some of the design, and made the menus easier to read. It's the little things

New Smart Avatars!

You'll now see your students' initials in place of a generic profile photo in Markboard if they don't have one uploaded

Other Updates

  • You can now order assessments by due date in the student PDF export
  • Several updates were made to the Student insights section
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sending PDF emails if you were unsibscribed
  • Fixed a link from Attendance when empty states were displaying
  • Patched potential security vulnerabilities

Week of April 24, 2017

Featured Updates

Markboard Speed Improvements

We've made some changes to Markboard that should increase the speed at which grade averages are calculated. Snappy.

New look for Unit Content

We've cleaned up the Unit Content popup in Planboard. The options on the left are now more crisp, and content is formatted much nicer

Take a look!

General Security Improvements

We've made some improvements to how options are selected to improve on our security measures.

Other Updates

  • You can now display data for all units in curriculum analytics
  • Made an improvement to SIS student uploads that simply adds teachers with existing Chalk accounts to the right institution
  • Improved how we handle existing semesters when admins create a semester for their school
  • There was some poor grammar in the set up process. It has been remedied
  • You can now create an account directly on the setup page without the need for going to the home page first
  • Added a link on Attendance when you don't have a schedule setup - it will now take you to the timetable
  • Cleared out un-used settings on the email preferences page
  • Fixed an issue with feedback notification emails not linking to the right location. We also fixed a typo - oops!
  • Fixed some issues with the Curriculum app when resizing the screen
  • Fixed several issues in Planboard when resizing to small screens
  • Fixed a finicky visual bug when trying to remove a unit from the edit assessment modal in Markboard

Week of April 17, 2017

Featured Updates

App Updates

Stay up to date on whats new in the Chalk Suite. We'll be sharing weekly updates here. Bookmark this page to stay up to date on what is happening at Chalk!

Other Updates

  • We now redirect you to the login if you try to enter an email that already exists on the signup page
  • When signing up, we'll now provide helpful hints to prevent signing up with a misspelled email :)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing problems when searching for a school or group in the admin app
  • Fixed a bug where grade averages were not calculating properly when a class had multiple sections
  • Fixed a bug where avatars for institutions didn't display in admin panel
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from sharing lessons to your own resources

Week of April 10, 2017

Featured Updates

Speed Boosts in Planboard

Delivering the month view faster than ever. Additional speed improvements when you're editing an offday or building custom schedules

Updated Card Design

We've made some enhancements to the card design on your Markboard assessments page

Email Preferences on Account Page

You can now view your email preferences on the account page anywhere from Chalk apps

Other Updates

  • Added support for late/unsubmitted assessments in Markboard
  • You can now name your units with decimals to indicate subunits in Curriculum
  • Improved the 'highlight' colours available in the text editor
  • Fixed a bug where units didn't load or would be duplicated in Markboard
  • Fixed a bug where resources weren't sorting properly

Week of April 3, 2017

Featured Updates

View objectives breakdown

You can now view learning objectives coverage in curriculum analytics from the admin dashboard.

Other Updates

  • Fixed a bug where the unit list was slow on week view
  • Renamed 'subject maps' to 'curriculum maps'
  • Fixed a bug when copying, sharing or moving a lesson plan. Phew!
  • Fixed an issue with authentication on mobile apps

Week of March 27, 2017

Featured Updates

Course Overview in Curriculum

You can now add in a course overview unit to your curriculum map to include resources available across all units.

Get a Demo

Fixed facebook login

There was an issue with Facebook oAuth that has now been resolved.

Try it out!

Scrolling on Tablets

Fixed an issue that blocked scrolling through curriculum maps on tablets. Scroll away!

Other Updates

  • Updated header design on curriculum builder page
  • Updated styles on the course overview sidebar in curriculum
  • Updated the text editor on Curriculum app and Dashboard
  • General improvements to the lesson plan review page in Admin
  • Fixed login page redirects
  • Added confirmation when deleting semesters/subjects/sections
  • Fixed bug that showed duplicate tags in search
  • Fixed bug that caused an error when publishing curriculum maps
  • Fixed bug that counted empty lessons as planned in lesson plan reviews
  • You can now unselect a rubric cell for students in Markboard
  • Non-English characters are now accepted when creating multiple students

Week of March 20, 2017

Featured Updates

New lesson plan review flow for admins

Easily review lesson plans from within the administrator dashboard and provide feedback quickly to teachers

Other Updates

  • Fixed a timezone issue where our friends in NZ and AUS were taken to the wrong day
  • Fixed a pesky bug where Attendance wasn't saving

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